The Sleep Apnoea/Breathing Support Clinic is a medical service that specialises in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Apnoea.

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a condition than can severely impact health and quality of life if left untreated. It is a disorder where breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. Common symptoms are snoring, gasping/choking during sleep and excessive daytime sleepiness.

• At the sleep clinic patients will undergo clinical assessment and an at-home overnight sleep study if indicated. This confirms the diagnosis and severity of Sleep Apnoea.

• Based on results an individualized treatment plan can be determined, this may include treatment like CPAP therapy, oral appliances, or lifestyle changes.

• CPAP therapy is continuous positive airway pressure via a machine which is a common treatment that uses air pressure to keep the airways open.

Consultation and Respiratory Clinical Assessment: £200
Overnight Sleep Study and Diagnostics: £75
CPAP Sleep Device set up & Mask fitting £75