We offer private healthcare services for our clients, ensuring individualised attention and personalised treatment plans.

Dermatology Consultation with Dr Colm Dwyer

Skin lesions, Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, etc.
Skin patch testing

Consultation £220
Follow up appointment £150

Private Medical Consultations

Skin Patch Testing for allergic skin conditions – Tru Test with Dermatologist

This skin patch tests for allergic skin reactions and contains 35 of the most common allergens or allergen mixes and works by showing if you are allergic to any of the test substances. These substances could be an ingredient in perfume or aftershave, an ointment or cream, rubber gloves, industrial chemicals, etc.

You will require 3 Appointments over the space of 4-5 days. Your first appointment will be with our Clinic Nurse for Application and the following 2 appointments will be with our Dermatologist, Dr Dwyer for removal and assessment of the patch tests.


Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery Consultation with Miss Margaret Strick

Full range of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Including skin cancers, lesions, moles, earlobe repairs / earlobe closure.

Consultations £140
Follow Up Appointments £50

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General and Breast Surgery Consultation with Mr Sanjeet Bhattacharya

General Surgery, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Hernia Repair – Groin/ Belly button / Other types, Minor Surgical Procedures – lumps and bumps, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Breast Surgery (Adults), Breast Cancer and all other conditions related to the breasts.

Consultation £200
Follow Up £100

Gynaecology Consultation with Dr Inna Sokolova

Full range of gynaecology services including Pessary Clinic.

Consultation £200
Follow up appointment £140

Additional costs are as follows:

Pessary costs from £15
Insertion of Pessary £50
Exchange of Pessary £80
Removal of Pessary £50

Women’s Health Consultation with Dr Angela Ferguson

Women’s Health, Vaginal & Radiofrequency Rejuvenation Treatments and Medical Aesthetics. Particularly useful for changes associated with post childbirth and the menopause.

Consultation £200
Follow up £150


Votiva is a revolutionary feminine wellness treatment that uses radio frequency energy as a non surgical solution to common female symptoms including :
-urinary stress incontinence (leaking urine when you cough or sneeze)
-vaginal prolapse
-vaginal dryness that can occur with the menopause or breast cancer treatment
-vaginal skin laxity after childbirth
-Pain with intercourse

The treatment uses radio frequency current via a vaginal wand to heat the tissue and stimulate collagen and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. The treatment is not painful, requires no anaesthetic and has no recovery time or side effects.

At your first consultation a full medical and gynaecological history and examination will be performed and an assessment made of your suitability for treatment.

Each session costs £250 and lasts one hour
3 treatment sessions are recommended