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Quest Clinic is a leading independent healthcare clinic in the heart of Ayr offering a comprehensive range of consultations and treatments. We are an independent clinic registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) so you can be assured that our team, premises, protocols, safety and services are fully inspected and accredited.

Our highly trained team of professionals bring together a range of specialist skills, knowledge and experience who are committed to providing you with individual care and attention at the highest level.

You will feel at ease from the moment you come into the clinic. It’s clean and comfortable and our reception staff will welcome you and quickly put you at ease.

We have many patients and clients who have been returning to their practitioners for over 20 years and hundreds of verified 5* reviews confirm our reputation as an outstanding clinic.

We offer a free, initial, Aesthetic Consultation to discuss all treatment options. You’ll be able to discuss your concerns, get advice on suitable options and a treatment plan if you decide to go ahead. There is no ‘hard sell’, and we encourage you to take time to consider the options and whether you want to proceed. Equally, should you feel you are well informed and decide to go ahead, treatment on the day may be possible or we can make an appointment for you to return another day.

You can book online by clicking this link Book or by calling us on 01292 286833 during clinic opening hours.

Consultations are an essential part of any anti-ageing aesthetic treatment process.

A consultation lets your nurse/doctor determine which, if any, is the right treatment for you and to ensure that you are aware of the potential risks and side effects.

Yes, you can pay for your treatment in interest free instalments and the clinic staff will be happy to discuss the right payment option for you.

Yes. Quest Clinic have partnered with the National Medical Weight Loss Programme and offer a private weight loss service.

Yes, we can prescribe weekly injections of Wegovy (Semaglutide), which is licenced in the UK for weight loss. After completing the online questionnaire, we will contact you to arrange an appointment for a consultation and medical assessment before you can start the programme.

It’s important to know that the medication isn’t a substitute for a healthy diet and regular physical activity. You should only take this medicine if it is prescribed for you by a registered prescriber such as a nurse or doctor.

Micro-sclerotherapy treatment for thread veins (telangiectasia) on the legs is available using painless micro injections (considered the Gold Standard treatment for leg veins).

Yes, a Skin Consultation with our specialist nurse is available. This will allow a visual and physical assessment of the skin, skin lesions, pigmentation, etc and your nurse will be able to recommend treatment.

It is best to be seen face to face as the lesion requires examination under a specific magnification light and also by touch to determine the correct course of treatment. You can book an appointment with our skin specialist nurse using this link Book or by calling the clinic on 01292 286833.

Yes, this can be treated, usually with advanced electrolysis (diathermy).

Yes, we treat warts with Cryotherapy (freezing). It may take more than one session depending on the wart(s). Also, warts are due to a virus which can then lay dormant in the body but have the potential to reappear later.

We treat skin tags and lesions with plasma. Many Skin lesions are referred to as moles which aren’t terue moles. A skin consultation is required to assess the lesion as some will need surgery to remove.

Yes, A skin consultation is required to assess the skin tag/skin lesion to determine which treatment is needed.

Yes, the best treatment for Milia is Advanced Electrolysis (diathermy).

Yes, we can remove white plaques (xanthelasma) around the eyes with our Plasma IQ pen.

Yes, lip treatments with dermal fillers add definition to the lip line and volume and hydration to small or thinning lips and to reduce the appearance of lip lines (often called barcode or smoker’s lines).

A lip flip with Botox can subtly enhance your upper lip allowing more of your lip to show when you are smiling and creating the illusion that your lips are plumper. Botox can also be used to have a wrinkle-reducing effect on your upper lip, smoothing vertical lines. Results can last around 3 months. A lip flip doesn’t add volume to the lips, lip fillers will do that.

Yes, we have a WhatsApp model group that you can be added to on request or by following our link on Facebook.

Yes. Prenatal massage is a type of massage specifically for pregnant women. The unique needs of each pregnant woman will determine the type of bodywork that is used during a pregnancy massage.

Yes, Ms Margaret Strick consults from the clinic. You can book online here Book or by calling the clinic on 01292 286833.

Yes, you can book an appointment with Dr Colm Dwyer, Consultant Dermatologist, by clicking this link Book or by calling the clinic on 01292 286833.

Yes, you can book an appointment with Dr Inna Sokolova, Consultant Gynaecologist, by clicking this link Book or by calling the clinic on 01292 286833.

Yes, you can book an appointment with Mr Sanjeep Battacharya, Consultant General Surgeon, by clicking this link Book or by calling the clinic on 01292 286833.

You can book appointments without a GP referral however for some health concerns a GP referral is preferred. We would contact you to request this if needed.

Yes, you can book an appointment with our osteopath, Ms Tara Drummond, by clicking this link Book or by calling the clinic on 01292 286833.

Yes, you can purchase a gift voucher online that you can print at home or you can pop into the clinic and pick a voucher up.

We have 2 spaces at the front of the building allocated for Quest Clinic. There is also on street parking free for 1 hour and two carparks a two-to-three-minute walk away.

Yes, the clinic is only a 5-minute walk from Ayr train station and a 10-minute walk from the bus station.